Society for Research in Child Development (SCRD) 2017

Using Technology to Overcome Poverty-Related Disparities in Early Language Experience

Systematic Review of Intervention Research to Inform Bridging the Word Gap Efforts

BWG Network member presentations

National Research Conference on Early Childhood (NRCEC) 2016

Drs. Judy Carta, Meredith Rowe, and Cathie Tamis-LeMonda presented at the NRCEC in July, 2016. See the presentations below

Conference on Research Innovation in Early Intervention (CRIEI) 2016

The Bridging the Word Gap Emerging Research Scholars and Mentors gathered for a preconference symposium at the Biannual Conference on Research Innovation in Early Intervention. Here are the posters presented by Emerging Research Scholars and members of the BWG Executive Committee at CRIEI:


LENA Conference Opening Session 2015 – Bridging Research to Community and Community to Research

Several BWG Practice-based Research Collaborative projects were highlighted during the LENA Conference. See the links below for posters presented during the opening session:


Power-UP Presentation

BWG presentation for Power-UP


SRCD Preconference 2015 – Poverty-Related Disparities in Children’s Early Language Experiences and Language Development: Prevention, Intervention and Policy

Several BWG Network Members attended a preconference poster symposium at SRCD related to the word gap. Lively discussion was had around three themes, including: Early Language Development, Home Learning Environment, and Intervention and Prevention.

Check out some of the posters that were presented here:


Check back for more presentations and publications by Network Members!