Society for Research in Child Development (SCRD) 2019 BWG Preconference: Taking on the Challenge: Re-evaluating the Word Gap and Examining Promising Interventions for Promoting Young Children’s Language

Session 1: Evidence for the Word Gap and its Consequences

Erika Hoff

Annemarie H. Hindman, Barbara A. Wasik, and Carol Scheffner Hammer

How Early Maternal Language Input Varies By Race and Education Level and Predicts Later Child Language At School Entry

Lynne Vernon-Feagans, Mary Bratsch-Hines, and Elizabeth Reynolds

Neural correlates of the “word gap”: Children’s language experience is associated with brain structure and function

Rachel Romeo

Meaningful moments in children’s real-life interactions with caregivers: A study of English- and Spanish-speaking families from diverse SES backgrounds

Virginia A. Marchman, Janet Bang, Monica Munevar, and Anne Fernald

Vocabulary gaps at the beginning of kindergarten and reading achievement gaps at the end of 4th grade

Paul Morgan

Language Experience in the Second Year of Life and Language Outcomes in Late Childhood                                                                                                                                                                                            Jill Gilkerson, Jeff rey A. Richards, Steven F. Warren, Kimbrough Oller, Rosemary Russo, & Betty Vohr

Why parent shared-book reading matters? Infants’ contributions to language skills in low-income Latino families

Natasha Cabrera, Tina Chen, and Jennifer Acosta

Socioeconomic Differences in Vocabulary, Syntax, and Process at Age Two: Assessment with Baby QUILS

Dani Levine

It’s not all about income: Similarities and differences in children’s early language environments predict vocabulary development

Lillian R. Masek, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

Evidence of Early Word Gap between English and Spanish Speakers

Margaret Friend, Allyson Masters, Anele Villanueva, Diane Poulin-Dubois, and Pascal Zesiger

The role of SES in parent-infant book reading and later language development

Amber Muhinyi and Meredith L. Rowe

Session 2:  Bridging the Word Gap:  What Works for Home Visiting, Child Care, Early Education Settings, Pediatric/Public Health and Community-Wide Interventions

Enhancing school readiness in Brazil through a reading aloud intervention

Adriana Weisleder, Luciane R Piccolo, Denise SR Mazzuchelli, Walfrido Duarte Neto, Aline Sá Lopez, Carolyn Cates, João Batista Araujo e Oliveira, and Alan L. Mendelsohn

Latino Parents’ Perspectives on Literacy Promotion in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study of Strengths and Challenges

Manuel E. Jimenez, Shawna Hudson, Julissa Veras, Patricia Shelton, Alan Mendelsohn, Tom Mackie, James Guevara, and Benjamin Crabtree

Early Learning and Child Care Programs as a Platform for Intervention to Address the Word Gap

Dale Walker, Gabriela Guerrero, and Shannon H. Guss

Reach Out and Read – Earlier! Evaluating the effects of a ROR program for <6 month old infants on home literacy environment

Anna Miller-Fitzwater, Kathleen Cranley Gallagher, Mariana Glusman, Christopher McLouth, and Katherine Poehling

Cluster Randomized Design Investigation of a Multi-Component Vocabulary Intervention for At-Risk Preschoolers

Howard Goldstein, Elizabeth Kelley, Keri Madsen, Lindsey Peters-Sanders, Yagmur Seven, Xigrid Soto, and Wendy Olsen

How Early Maternal Language Input Varies By Race and Education Level and Predicts Later Child Language At School Entry​

Heather Knauer, Pamela Jakiela, Owen Ozier, Frances Adoud, and Lia CH Fernald

Initial Impacts of the Smart Beginnings Intervention on Parental Language and Cognitive Stimulation

Elizabeth B. Miller, Caitlin F. Canfield, Anne M. Gill, Alan L. Mendelsohn, Pamela A. Morris, and Daniel S. Shaw

Evaluating LENA Start™: Effects on Parent and Child Language from a Standardized Parent Education Program

Marianne Elmquist, Lizbeth Finestack, Amanda Kriese, Erin Lease, and Scott McConnell

Use of naturalistic strategies to increase rates of deictic gesture use in toddlers from high poverty backgrounds

Mollie Romano 

The effects of parent coaching on language input and child language outcomes in the first two years: A randomized controlled trial

Naja Ferjan Ramirez, Sarah Roseberry Lytle, Ruofan Cai, and Patricia Kuhl

Caregiver Interactions with Children with Language Impairment in a Latino and Non-Latino Sample

Tatiana N. Peredo, Kelsey Dillehay, and Ann P. Kaiser

Long-term Learning of Words Taught Using Book Reading, Games and Music

David K. Dickinson, Molly F. Collins, Kaitlin Herbert, Jessica Lawson-Adams, Emily Hopkins, Rebecca Dore, Molly Scott, Jacob Schatz, Marcia Shirilla, Roberta Golinkoff, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

Enriching language environment of low-SES households: A randomized controlled trial of a home visiting curriculum

Alison Hundertmark, Christy Y.Y. Leung, Marc W. Hernandez, Kristin R. Leffel, and Dana L. Suskind

Using Text Messages to Build Parents’ Capacity to Improve Child Language-Learning Opportunities

Kathryn M. Bigelow, Dale Walker, Fan Jia, and Dwight Irvin

Differences in Parent-toddler interactions with electronic versus print books

Tiffany Munzer

Story Talk: Increasing Preschoolers’ Vocabulary Development Through a Streamlined Teacher Professional Development Intervention

Barbara A. Wasik; Annemarie H. Hindman

Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) 2018

Greenwood, Schnitz, Carta, & Wallisch — Language intervention research in low income families: A synthesis of research quality

Schnitz, Wallisch, & Carta — Tailoring interventions for families at-risk: A systematic research synthesis

Larson, Hammer, Carta, Cycyk, & Baralt — Conducting language intervention research with children and families who are culturally and linguistically diverse

Smith, Hammer, Sawyer, & Santoro — Parents plus: Language coach

Elmquist, Lease, McConnell, Finestack, & Kriese — Integrating and sustaining evidence based practices in the community: A LENA Start™ Example

Seven & Goldstein — Effects of embedding decontextualized language during book-sharing delivered by fathers in Turkey

Soto, Seven, McKenna, & Goldstein — Step by step/word by word: Increasing parent engagement through iterative development of a home extension program

Limlingan & McWayne — More than words: The relations between teacher-child interactions, classroom context and Latino dual language learners’ school readiness

Cunningham, Zimmerman, Rogers, Ledford, & Kaiser — Comparison of measurement systems for collecting teacher language data in early childhood settings

Walker, Sepulveda, Schwartz, Hoff, Rowe, Dale, Peterson, Diamond, Bigelow, Levine, Goldin-Meadow, & Wasik. A systematic review of interventions promoting children’s language implemented in child care and early intervention

Society for Research in Child Development (SCRD) 2017

Using Technology to Overcome Poverty-Related Disparities in Early Language Experience

Systematic Review of Intervention Research to Inform Bridging the Word Gap Efforts

BWG Network member presentations

National Research Conference on Early Childhood (NRCEC) 2016

Drs. Judy Carta, Meredith Rowe, and Cathie Tamis-LeMonda presented at the NRCEC in July, 2016. See the presentations below

Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI) 2016

The Bridging the Word Gap Emerging Research Scholars and Mentors gathered for a preconference symposium at the Biannual Conference on Research Innovation in Early Intervention. Here are the posters presented by Emerging Research Scholars and members of the BWG Executive Committee at CRIEI:

LENA Conference Opening Session 2015 – Bridging Research to Community and Community to Research

Several BWG Practice-based Research Collaborative projects were highlighted during the LENA Conference. See the links below for posters presented during the opening session:

Power-UP Presentation

BWG presentation for Power-UP

SRCD Preconference 2015 – Poverty-Related Disparities in Children’s Early Language Experiences and Language Development: Prevention, Intervention and Policy

Several BWG Network Members attended a preconference poster symposium at SRCD related to the word gap. Lively discussion was had around three themes, including: Early Language Development, Home Learning Environment, and Intervention and Prevention.

Check out some of the posters that were presented here:

Check back for more presentations and publications by Network Members!