Dr. Judith Carta: PI and Workgroup 4 Co-lead

Dr. Charles Greenwood: Co-PI and Workgroup 6 Co-lead

Dr. Dale Walker: Co-PI and Workgroup 2 Lead

Dr. Howard Goldstein: Workgroup 6 Co-lead

Dr. Ann Kaiser: Workgroup 1 Lead

Dr. Scott McConnell: Workgroup 4 Co-lead

Dr. Anne Larson: Workgroup 5 Co-Lead

Dr. Jennifer Stapel-Wax: Workgroup 3 Co-lead

Dr. Ashley Darcy Mahoney: Workgroup 3 Co-lead

Dr. Roberta Golinkoff: Advisor

Dr. Carol Scheffner Hammer: Workgroup 5 Co-lead

Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek: Advisor