White House Recognizes Port Salerno Talks as a Bright Spot in Hispanic Education

PST_LogoThe Port Salerno Talks Early Language Initiative (one of the projects participating in BWG’s Practice-Based Research Collaborative) has been recognized by the White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanics as a Bright Spot in Hispanic education!

As a Bright Spot, the Port Salerno Talks Initiative is part of a national online catalog that includes over 230 programs that invest in key education priorities for Hispanics. Established in 1990, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics seeks to address the educational disparities faced by the Hispanic community. It works to leverage these Bright Spots to encourage collaboration between stakeholders focused on similar issues in sharing data-driven approaches, promising practices, peer advice and effective partnerships, ultimately resulting in increased support for the educational attainment of the Hispanic community, from cradle-to-career.

Pic 2- Vivian
Port Salerno Talks, an early language parent involvement initiative, was launched in December 2014 at Port Salerno Elementary School with planned expansions in the coming months. Port Salerno Talks uses a research-based approach purposed with preventing the achievement gap before it begins by giving parents the knowledge and tools necessary to build their child’s brain through language and positive interaction. The goal of the intervention is two-fold: to educate
families regarding the critical nature of early language acquisition and to give families the tools and strategies necessary Pic 1-Luzto craft meaningful and supporting interactions with their children. In the Port Salerno Talks model, Family Coaches who are representative of and embedded within the local community, lead small group meetings with parents (3-4 families per group) and also provide one-on-one home-based interventions to provide specialized attention to individual families. Family coaches work to celebrate the successes each family experiences and to offer additional strategies to increase meaningful parent and child verbal interactions. Through the Port Salerno Talks initiative, families receive early interventions designed to teach parents the power of speaking to their children from birth and to increase early language engagement in their home language.