Theme 1: Technology-Integrated Interventions for Bridging the Word Gap

Effects of an Internet-Based, Remote Coaching Intervention on Parent Positive Support of Infant Social Communication: Addressing the 30 Million Word Gap

Kathleen Baggett and Edward Feil

Talk Around Town: A Mobile App to Bridge the Word Gap

Amy Turcotte, Kathyrn Bigelow, Dwight Irvin, and Nick Tallmon

Enhancing Early Development through Promotion of Parenting in Pediatric Healthcare: A Factorial RCT of the Video Interaction Project

Carolyn Brockmeyer Cates, Adriana Weisleder, Samantha B. Johnson, Anne M. Seery, Caitlin F. Canfield, Maya Matalon, Bernard P. Dreyer, and Alana L. Mendelsohn

Tech Talk: Technology Use in Approaches to Prevention of the Word Gap

Constance Beecher

Getting Started with Start – Finding Fertile Ground for Implementation

Scott McConnell

Using Text Messaging to Build Parents’ Capacity to Improve Child Language-Learning Opportunities

Kathryn Bigelow, Dale Walker, Amy Turcotte, Fan Jia, and Dwight Irvin

Measuring Child Speech and Location in Inclusive Preschool Classrooms: An Automated Approach

Dwight Irvin, Charles Greenwood, Jay Buzhardt, and Stephen Crutchfield

Háblame Bebé: A Phone App to Reduce the Word Gap and Promote Bilingualism

Melissa Baralt, Natalie Brito, and Ashley Darcy Mahoney

When Quantity Begets Quality: The Relationship Between Quantity and Quality of Language Input Across Income-Backgrounds

Lillian R. Masek, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, and Roberta Golinkoff

Remote Delivery of Interventions with Teachers and Parents to Improve Language and Social Development for High-Risk Preschoolers

Susan Landry, April Crawford, Jeff Williams, Ursula Johnson, and Tricia Zucker

Theme 2: Developing eBooks for Preschool Language Learning

Parent-Toddler Behavior and Language Differs When Reading Electronic and Print Picture Books

Gabrielle Strouse and Patricia Ganea

Preschoolers’ Language Learning Opportunities with Parent-Child Shared Reading of Print, Digital and Electronic Books

Ji Eun Kim

Modeling Dialogic Reading in eBooks for Parent-Child Joint Reading

Glenda Revelle

Read to Me, Talk to Me: An E-Book App with a Dialogic Questioniong Avatar

Colleen Russo Johnson, Gabrielle Strouse, and Georgene Troseth

E-books for Preschoolers: It’s not all about the book!

Mary Courage

Children’s Comprehension of E-Books: Parents Beat Digital Narration

Rebecca Dore, Brenna Hassinger-Das, Alexis Paller, Natalie Brezack, Tara Saunders, Lien Vu, Roberta M. Golinkoff, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

Differential Susceptibility to Digital Early Literacy Interventions

Inge Merkelbach

Educational Media Supports for Low-Income Preschoolers’ Vocabulary Development

Susan Neuman

Story Friends a Tier 2 Reading Intervention

Howard Goldstein, Christa Haring, Keri Madsen, Xigrid Soto, Lindsey Peters Sanders, and Yagmur Seven