What’s New in the Bridging the Word Gap Research Network

An important, updated response to recent critiques of Hart and Risley’s original research which identified the 30 million word gap

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Bridging the Word Gap Poster Presentations at the 2018 Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention (CRIEI)

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Submit your Practice-based Research Collaborative Project Proposal for the 2017 Cohort

We are excited to announce that we are initiating the application process for researchers and practitioners to join the Bridging the Word Gap Research Network, Practice Based Research Collaborative (PBRC) second cohort! Click here to access the PBRC description and proposal form. Send your proposal in now to be included in the Fall 2017 cohort. We will begin reviewing starting September 15th and continue until all openings are filled with qualified research program partnerships.

New Winter Gem of the Month

The Winter Gem of the Month is hot off the press, click here to read.